Technical Analysis  

 Reports are through technical analysis data.

The report includes key price levels affecting a trend

Equities Or Foreign Exchange Market (Forex) .

Those levels are points or levels of Support ( S ) and levels of Resistance ( R ).



What is a Report?

It is a technical analysis prepared to subscribers

It contains the most important levels of support and resistance levels

Will the report contain all the shares of the required market?

only stocks affected by support or resistance levels are clarified, and this rule may not include all market stocks.

What is Support ( Support Level ) ?

The support level represents a price point that an asset struggles to fall below over a given period.

the support level of an asset is established by the entry of buyers into the market
The share may reverse its course to up when approaching it

Is it possible to break the support point and continue its descending path?

Yes, but it rarely happens or coincides with a market correction or influence from external factors.

Is it possible to break the support and re-rise the stock instead of descending?

Yes, but this rarely happens, and most of the time the stock will continue to decline.

Is it certain that the stock will rise when approaching those support levels?

it is not certain, but these levels are considered to be the most important and influential.

When can we consider that the support level has been broken?

if you Note that the daily minimum recorded share is lower or equal to the value of the level of support specified.

What does it mean to break support for stocks?

In terms of technical analysis, breaking the support is a very high possibility for the stock to record lower price levels.

What is resistance ( resistance level ) ?

Resistance level, is the price that faces pressure on its way up by the emergence of an increasing number of sellers willing to sell at this price.

When can we consider the level of resistance broken?

daily recorded top of the share is greater or equal to the value of the specified value level of resistance.

Is it certain that the Equities will decline as it approaches resistance levels?

It’s not certain, but from the point of view of the technical analysis, those levels are the most important and influential, and we expect the equities to decline from those levels.

Is it possible to the equities to exceed the level of resistance and continue to its upward trajectory?

Yes. But very rarely does it , and most likely the equities comes back down.

In The Event That the Stock Does Not Exceed The Resistance Level In The First Trading Day Of The Week, It Is Very Rare For It To Exceed That Level In The Same Week


What does it mean to break the resistance and get over it?

In terms of technical analysis, breaking resistance is a very high probability of the equities recording higher price levels.

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